Ras Kiroko has two well-equipped separate houses with different tests. The famous Bean which is grass thatched house and the main house (The Baobab) which give you a clear view of the entire premises while on top of the deck.


The Baobab

This Residence is an exclusive and secluded retreat of unparalleled beauty with access to the ocean and other amenities such as a private pool.

Baobab Residence

$500 per night
5 Bedrooms
5 Bathrooms
5+ Residents

Unspoilt tranquil and breathtaking it is a true refuge from the norm. Its elegant interiors blend seamlessly with its traditional architecture. The private residence evoke a pleasingly classic yet modern style their bespoke furnishings rubbing shoulders with local artifacts and wall art.

High ceilings and French windows ensure every villa is airy and light filled. It also offers either a toes in the sand experience or the chance to slip straight from your deck into the cool clear waters to reach your own private dive site.

  • Included
    Balcony & Patio
    Outdoor swimming pool
    Private Beach area
    Garden & Barbecue area